Director of ISSP group Living Technology (LT), Steen Rasmussen and LT member and ISSP associate, Lene Andersen have their article on tomorrow’s technology and its importance in The Conversation. The article is called: “Tomorrow’s technology will lead to sweeping changes in society – it must, for all our sakes”
“Throughout history, whenever new technologies have emerged that change our means of production and ability to communicate they have tended to transform society. The rapid technological development of the past century – in biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence – holds the promise to do the same for our current, post-industrial world.
Our political institutions, the rule of law, human rights, the banking system, our education system – and even capitalism itself – are products of the industrial age. We have learnt to navigate the industrial economy as individuals, and as societies we can exert some control to define its shape and limits.”