Steen Rasmussen, leader of the Living and Intelligent Technology group (LIT) opened, and was the keynote speaker, for “Forskningens Døgn” – and event held by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science – at SDU Sønderborg April 25-30th. Forskningens Døgn was a combined event with the European Student Parliament “Debate Science” event organized by the House of Science in Sønderborg. Steen spoke about the technology driven changes in the future – one of our main missions in ISSP: The challenges brought by new technologies (BINC-technologies) that reshapes economic, political and social structures within our post-industrial society. The overall topic for the European Student Parliament was “The Future of the Human Being” and current issues such as brain research, stem cells and artificial reproduction were discussed. They held a parliamentary science debate on 6 different issues related to how we should respond to the complex challenges of the economy, human rights and democracy currently being brought on by technological developments.

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