ISSP regional sustainability working group leader, Diana Mangalagiu, participates to the “Global System Dynamics and Policy” (GSDP) proposal for Coordination Action submitted to the ICT FET, 26 January 2010

GSDP is a European initiative to develop a research program for studying global systems in an on-going dialogue with decision makers. This will involve ambitious efforts in computer modeling and new interfaces between models and decision-making.

GSDP will operate as an open network evolving through workshops, working papers, publications, and open conferences. It will consolidate an international community of researchers engaged in dialogues with decision-makers, and will generate a variety of research and consultancy projects in Europe and elsewhere.

GSDP is emerging from an open network of more than 100 leading scholars, mainly from Europe, but also from America, China, and other parts of the world. It involves anthropologists, computer scientists, physicists and economists. And it draws on the considerable know-how on complex systems and on sustainability that has been accumulated in the past years.