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ISSP is currently working on an important mission in the Danish education system. The mission is to increase the amount of students who choose an education track within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, in short: STEM educations. These education tracks are related to higher individual incomes and prosperity for the Danish welfare system – making it a high priority goal for Denmark to have plenty of students on STEM career tracks. Also, it is anticipated that the mission may help to break circles of negative social inheritance, by making it more likely for socially vulnerable children and youths to choose STEM educations.

The focus in this mission will be on students from Funen and the intake of students in STEM educations at The University of Southern Denmark, Odense. It will be a collaborative project drawing on the strength of all ISSP groups.

ISSP has begun the first step in carrying out the mission: Mapping all educations and the distribution of students on Funen. Future steps will involve:

1) determining the crucial points in time and context (the “hot spots”) of which students decide on their future education track,

2) determining what makes students choose one education rather than another,

3) interventions at the “hot spots” aimed to eliminate possible barriers standing in the way of students choosing STEM educations.

Updates on the progress and arising challenges in this mission will be posted here on the website and in the ISSP newsletter.