In 2016 one of the two main missions of ISSP will be to endorse and help the advancement of The European Nudge Network (TEN).

TEN was originally launched at the ESOF conference on June 7th 2014. The goal of TEN was to bring together people and organisations with a vested interest in nudging, across Europe.

Going forward, it is ISSP’s mission to help TEN in mapping nudges throughout Europe and develop a system of parameters to rank nudges based on the number of parameters they meet. The purpose of the ranking system is to help both academics, public policy makers, and everybody else with an interest in nudges, find and identify nudges relevant to their interests.

Some of the parameters that are likely to be included, will be whether the nudge has resulted in an academic paper and whether the nudge has been fully implemented.

The aim is to make the presence of nudges more accessible and wider to the public while creating an elegant overview.

For more information and updates about TEN take a look at TEN’s Twitter page.