One of ISSP’s basic values and agendas are that of Scientific Social Responsibility. As important it is for the scientific society to generate new knowledge, it is equally important to take responsibility of sharing the knowledge and take responsibility of the way in which science and technology may shape and advance society as a whole. In a time where information technology is prone to oversharing of subjective, untruthful stories and to create bubbles that may burst, it is much needed that knowledge-makers takes responsibility of making evidence the main driver of the public discourse, of societal planning and public policy-making.


New op-ed about SSR by ISSP’s Vincent F. Hendricks and colleagues

Vincent F. Hendricks, leader of our Social Software group, has co-written a Danish op-ed in Politiken, explaining the importance of SSR – Scientific Social Responsibility. In the op-ed, SSR is compared to the much more famous expression CSR:


“Ligesom virksomhederne har føjet csr til deres traditionelle fokus på værdiskabelse for aktionærerne, bør forskningssamfundet føje ssr til sit traditionelle strategiske fokus på produktion af viden”

“Like corporations have added CSR to their traditional focus when creating value for shareholders, the scientific society should add SSR to their traditional strategic focus within the creation of knowledge”

ISSP shares Claus Strue Frederiksen’s, Vincent F. Hendricks’ and Flemming Besenbacher’s view on SSR having an almost embarrassing position compared to CSR. Thus, ISSP is an advocate for giving the term Scientific Social Responsibility a much larger role in society.

Frederiksen, Hendricks and Besenbacher writes:

“Den eneste måde, hvorpå vi kan løse de ovenfor omtalte ’grand challenges’ og udnytte nogle af de mange muligheder, den 4. industrielle revolution byder på, er ved langsigtet investering i uddannelse og forskning”

“The only way we can solve the ‘grand challenges’, and take advantage of some of the many opportunities brought by the fourth industrial revolution, is by long-term investments in education and research”

The fourth industriel revolution and SSR

One of ISSP’s missions – the BINC mission – focuses on the challenges arising with the fourth industrial revolution. The mission’s aim is to make society ready to take on these challenges which in part may be made possible through the spreading of knowledge and of SSR. ISSP has published a book on the subject, which is written by Steen Rasmussen, the founder of ISSP, and Lene Andersen. Some of the content of the book can be found in five (Danish) articles published on






We highly recommend that you take a look at the Danish op-ed “Vi har behov for samfundsansvarlig forskning” by Claus Strue Frederiksen, Vincent F. Hendricks and Flemming Besenbacher: