Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Mission description: The aim of the STEM mission is to increase the intake of Natural Science and Technology students on the higher educations. The mission is motivated by the increasing scarcity of people with Natural Science Masters and engineers in Denmark – if an intervention isn’t instantiated. The engineer union IDA predicts a shortage of over 13,500 masters by 2025 in Denmark. To solve this problem, it is necessary to map the different choices the future student makes on the road to his or her final education choice. There is a need to determine how the course from kindergarten to the Natural Science university faculty looks like, to be able to identify the situations in which an intervention will have the greatest effect. In the STEM mission, we will identify the especially relevant points in the choice process which will be the focus of following efforts towards getting more people to choose a STEM education track – we do this through psychological insights in human behaviour and decision making.

ISSP Mission: STEM

  ISSP is currently working on an important mission in the Danish education system. The mission is to increase the amount of students who choose an education track within Science, Technology,...
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