The Living Technologies and the life lived – A film about professor Steen Rasmussen

A short documentary about the work of professor Steen Rasmussen who initiated the ISSP.

The Trouble with Bubbles – Tedx Talk by Vincent F. Hendricks

Recently, Vincent F. Hendricks made a Tedx Talk, at the Rhein-Main Salon in Frankfurt, about The Trouble with Bubbles. In his talk, he explains how opinion bubbles work and how media and social networking sites may fuel many types of bubbles. An example of which is how likes on Facebook gives an object (picture, video, status update etc.), more value and visibility among other users, making it more likely to get even more likes. As a result, sites like Facebook makes a bubble friendly environment where bubbles are created incredibly fast. Vincent suggests that our opinion should be regarded as investments, that we should be careful of what we “like” and aware of bubbles.

Read more about Vincent’s Tedx Talk in this article (on Danish) featured on the front page of