This week the director of ISSP, Pelle Guldborg Hansen, had the pleasure of participating in OECD’s NAEC (New Approaches to Economic Challenges) workshop on “The National Experiences in Exploring New Tools and Approaches in Policy Making” in Paris, the 11th of January.

OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, aims to promote policies that will improve economic and social well-being which is greatly linked to the missions of the ISSP’s Behavioural Science and Policy group.

Specifically, Hansen talked about the Danish experiences of the main opportunities and challenges in using behavioural insights in policy making to regulate better based on actual, and not assumed, behaviour.

Furthermore, ISSP’s TEN-mission was presented along with the future challenges of nudging including issues as how to identify relevant nudges in relation to specific behavioural problems and how to use these in policy making.

The full presentation can be watched here. Fastforward 3 hours to watch Hansen’s presentation.